Urmi Kothari ‘s aim of conducting short term or monthly workshops is knowledge-sharing and connecting with like-minded (and body 🙂 ) individuals who may be beginners as well as fitness enthusiasts to

1. Broaden their definition of fitness to include finer components of balance, flexibility, neuro-muscular coordination.

2. Draw interest and attention to their current level of body awareness and actual core strength and room for improvement

3. How to integrate this knowledge into everyday practice / their workout regimes to improve performance and fitness goals

Kinetic Living conducts speciality workshops wherein each one focuses on two or more, complimentary skills depending on the level of difficulty. Check out glimpses here.

Want to conduct a workshop at your gym for your members or trainers? Want to conduct a workshop for your employees to fight lethargy in office? Need a new activity for annual off-sites? Want to reward your team with something different?
Contact us for workshops designed and conceptualized especially for your team in a way that will energize and empower them.

Types of workshops

1. Flexibility and Core Strength
2. Advanced Flexibility, Mobility and Core strength
Suitable for all levels and fitness goals and those without any major injuries.
See pics here

3. Spinal Health and Core Strength (Maintenance and Rehab)
Suitable for heavy lifters, those into HIIT or intense workouts (such as CrossFit, Mixed Martial Arts, Kettlebell sports, Body building) and Impact Sports such as Football, Squash, Basketball among others.

4. Plyometrics and Core StrengthNot for absolute beginners.
Suitable for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those exercising regularly since at least 6 months. Participants will learn how to vary workouts to include explosive movements that burn more calories, build muscle (act on fast twitch fibres), give a good cardio workout WHILE maintaining heightened sense of body and breath awareness & control

5. Desktop Core Workouts and Desktop Bodyweight workouts
Suitable for those who ‘claim’ not to have time for a dedicated workout regime.

6. Advanced Bodyweight workouts
Participants will learn how to manipulate body weight and time frames of exercises to increase the intensity of workouts WITHOUT external weight. Learn techniques required to execute one leg squats / pistols, jump higher, inverted push ups, advanced planks.

7.Kettlebell Workouts (with EKFA, Asia)

8. Beginner Intensive
This is a 5 to 6 day workshop on back to back days where the participant will get introduced to the approach of Kinetic Living towards working out. This is suitable for beginner or those who have been doing mild to basic workouts or returning to exercises after a gap or who would like to pursue more intensive and advanced disciplines like mixed martial arts so that they can improve their core strength, overall endurance, body and breath awareness and flexibility. This will help them remain injury free and monitor their own form in a group class.
Please note this is only for those who wish to practice on their own. This is, by no means, equips them to teach others.
1. Learn and apply the 5 basic principles of alignment based on STOTT Pilates.
2. Form perfection in Squats, Lunges, Push Ups, Sit ups
3. Improve Jumps, kicks using core
4. 5 -8 important Pilates exercises
5. A flexibility drill that can be practiced as part of warm up and cool down which will cover all major muscle groups and prevent stiffness
6. 5 Bodyweight cardio exercises

This will be approximately 7 to 8 (+1.5/2 hours of review) hour workshop. Participants must practice the same and a review is included at the end of 6 weeks.

Write to Kinetic Living for details here

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