What will we do?

Kinetic Living is an alternative approach to working out that will help you transform into a fireball of energy with a body that is fit from within and that which feels truly alive!

The AIM : To maximize your fitness quotient with a balanced workout that emphasizes on

Agility | Flexibility| Core Strength | Body & Breath Awareness | Strength | Stamina depending on individual goals.

The fitness quotient is not measured with a tape or a weighing scale but measured against one standard question: Are you out of your comfort zone?  Good looks are just a side effect when you have maximized your own fitness quotient.

Ask yourself if your current workout focuses on these? From 2 to 6 days a week, as the only style of exercises or to compliment any other exercise  program. What is your goal? 

Each session is based on body conditioning exercises / movement sequences influenced from:

1.Calisthenics: This resistance training uses your own body weight that will make you wish you weighed lesser!

Muscle tone / Strength

Resistance training

2. Sports-based drills: Tough outdoor sessions in fresh air

To be Agile / light on your feet

Improve balance, muscular coordination and motor skills

To ENJOY your workout

For stamina and improved breathing

3. Pilates & Yoga-based stretches  will make you aware of how often you hold your breath during exercise.

Alignment & Stretching techniques

Better posture and Core Strength

Improved Flexibility

Trampoline also features as part of Kinetic Living’s training program.


* Additional costs may be applicable. Please inquire.


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