Actions are greater than words. Kinetic Living aims to change the way people think, approach and do their workouts. It takes time, commitment and patience. But once you make the shift, you will get back to being active, hectic schedule or deadlines nonetheless-without someone reminding you, except your body of course. Those that have experienced that change, have a few words to say about it. 

“Here is cheers to Kinetic Living. Not writing a post full of praises but actually full of facts. Urmi through her Kinetic Living has changed my perspective of workouts completely. Something which I used to dread is now fun. What i really love about Urmi is she makes you work with your entire being- that’s saying it spiritually, as for saying it physically- she works’ on’ our entire being. The focus is not weight loss or the perfect figure, the focus is on being ‘fit’. Love the way she works on our core as that is where we derive our strength from. Thanks to her fantastic workout sessions I have lost so much weight, my posture has improved, and my stamina has increased and i can feel the change from within. This has really boosted my confidence and i am proudly saying that I am more sexy and more fit now. Love you Urmi and see you tomorrow definitely for our next session. Now please be kind to me and go slow tomorrow since I have written this post……..Hahaha. Just kidding……Bring it on sweet Hitler”                                         ~~~~~~~Madhavi Chopra

“To begin with, I sincerely wish I can train with you daily. I haven’t felt so good after a session of work-out anytime before, as I do now. And the credit goes to you. The kind of knowledge and passion you carry, very honestly I haven’t come across anybody like that before. The best part is that you have so much to offer from your repertoire that one seldom gets bored or tired in the sessions, whether its cardio, Pilates or functional training or stretching or even simple relaxation exercises.

The form is for utmost importance to you and it really really helps in the long run. Also, You can improvise so much with the space available and various exercises that sometimes one is surprised how an hour of intense session just flies by.

The kind of personal attention you provide is simply great, and the fear of any injury never ever crosses the mind. Thank you Urmi for introducing me to, and providing me such superb regimes of exercises and overall well-being.” ~~~~~~~~~Harrsh Khurana, Actor.

“Thrillin. Feeling 25 at 35. Thanks Kinetic Living” ~~~Rajesh Kumar, Actor.

“I had slip disk 4 years back which resulted in bad stamina levels, physical shape, eating patterns and bad posture too. Exercising with Urmi, my stamina has improved tremendously and weight loss came in as a free gift. I don’t want it sound like a teleshopping ad, yet, allow me, “These execise regimes have changed my life. I feel like a new person now!” So, sweat hard and feel great with Kinetic Energy. Love to Urmi”                                                                ~~~Divyanka Tripathi, Actress.

Urmi came to our office and hosted a fantastic training session for our staff. Even though it was a very cold morning, her energy levels never dipped as she led us through one and a half hours of stretches, breathing, Pilates, strength building, cardio and cool down. Even our most athletic team members felt the workout was solid and, more importantly, the session has encouraged our management to make employee health and wellness and even bigger priority. “                   ~~~Neel Shah, Director, LiberoSports.

“What I like about Urmi’s style is that she has added her knowledge of Pilates,Calisthenics, sports, yoga, movement and dance to invent her own delightful and fun cocktail of workouts which are extremely fun, intense and have really help me get fit, motivated and become aware of my own body in a short span of time. Her understanding of the correct form during physical exercise or movement clearly demonstrates the her hard work and the depth of her experience over a period of 10 years, first as a student and then as a professional.”       ~~~Varun Shashi Rao, Actor.

“Urmi is breath of fresh air. Her surprising maturity and rich experience at such an young age translates into an extremely value adding interaction every time one meets her. I intend to have her visit our office on a regular basis to inspire our team towards healthier happier living through her fitness sessions that focus on form and fun.  ~~~Sohan Shah, Sr. Vice President, Country Head, McCann Health Care India.

“Its the perfect way to know your body !I am also enjoying the benefits of this superb way of working out!To ensure a healthy system,the holistic approach of kinetic living is commendable!!All the luck!!”   ~~~Kranti Prakash Jha, Actor.

Read more Testimonials on http://www.fitternity.com/kinetic-living


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