Jim Corbett Safari


Safari day at Jim corbett . Day started at 530…had hardly slept 5 hrs…was hardly hungry. Felt slightly hungry at 7 but we had just started the safari…(it took 45 into reach Corbett ). So had around 7 to 8 almonds that I was carrying.

At around 9AM. Bread omlette  in WHITE bread. The season have highlighted ‘WHITE’ with caps is because sometimes on travels, you will not find healthy things especially in camping / Trekking trips but take into account the time of the day and your activity levels.


1. It was my first real meal of the day

2. We had just finished a 2 hr safari,constantly standing and sitting in an open jeep in cold temperatures …

3. Most of the second hour standing in the jeep moving on rough roads.

2 slices of white bread WOULD NOT be something to fuss about. TEA WITHOUT SUGAR.

1130am: Big apple

Around 1:45pm : 1 and half paneer parantha. (for a change from an egg-based preparation. Paneer Parantha in North India is local- hence it is fresh, good protein, filling and satisfying.

Back on the road for Delhi after an active 3 day trip.

3:30pm: gachak (North indian chikki)

430 :  Got hungry again so bought a local variety of guava off the road stalls. (The pulp is pink)

615pm: Kullad ki chai without sugar and marie biscuits

Still on the road, I was very hungry at 8 pm so i had the remaining gachak (big pieces of the size of my palm). That kept me feeling full till 1030pm. I was on a holiday, meeting friends so staying out till late night was a definite possibility. I ate a bowl of green beans vegetable (home made). 1145 / 12 in the night, I met some friends at Cafe Coffee Day.. chose green tea over cappuccino.

Lessons learnt :


1. It is possible to eat healthy, while on the road : look out for fruits, boiled eggs, milk or lassi in tetra packs.

2. Eat only as much as you are hungry and try to eat healthy …choose local snacks (ie gachak) and preparation (Paneer parantha)

3. A coffee shop has more than just coffee. Try teas which are light and help in digestion. Ideally, camomile works best at night but work with what is available.

Read about the Jim Corbett Adventure, the activity levels and meals here


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