Jim Corbett Adventure

Jim corbettOne of the days in Jim Corbett was spent lounging around the river bed and bridge where adventure activities were taking place. We arrived early in the day to avoid the crowd and were the only people around. River crossing, Jumarring (climbing a rope suspended from the bridge), Bridge fall (Fall from the bridge into the river) were some of the things we did during our two hours there. Soaking myself in the sun on the dried river bed, when I was soaking wet from the bridge fall, was incredibly relaxing and joyful.  The adventure activities were not meant to be done for a workout but definietly kept us active and more than anything, a great way to spend some free time in the jungle before our safari the next day. Add to that some good lemon soda and gachak as a post-adventure treat 😉

9AM : Masala omlette and half gobi parantha with masala chai, no sugar
11:30 AM: lemon soda and roasted channa
1:30 PM: peanut gachak (was too busy enjoying the sun in the cold breeze on a river bed in a forest, to realize it was lunch time)
3:30 Pm : Boiled eggs (2) and hot chocolate in the perfect cold weather.
630 PM: Egg bhurji, chai and marie biscuits (after a restful nap)
830Pm: Light dinner of  pahaadi daal with little rice (yes, rice. The portion was small and since we had to sleep early to be in time for the safari at 5:30 am next day, I went with the classic combination of daal rice.)


Read about the Jim Corbett Safari day here

Stay tuned to Kinetic Confessions to read about my observations and learning and what you can keep in mind on a road trip and a Holiday, here.


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