Big Healthy South Indian Wedding-2


Here is the fun part because I had the time to workout. A 32 minute fun full-body workout (calisthenics, Pilates and free hand exercises) in a hotel room! In about 6 ft x 3 ft space (pics attached). Also bought ragi biscuits and Sencha green tea for in-between meals.

Please note, ALL my meals and meal timings were worked AROUND the wedding and NOT the other way around. This is to emphasis that we do not have to make special preparations to follow healthy food and active lifestyle. It is the choices we make out of what is already there.
My workout space 20121122_200551
My meals were:
1030 am : Rava dosa and filter coffee (minimal sugar)
1245: 2 cups of curd, sabzi and maysurpa (traditional sweet)
4: 8 almonds (no time to eat while the wedding function is on)
5pm: 2 cups of upma (due to poor lunch  i was very hungry) and couple of bites of kesri (a Tamilian sweet)


530 to 7 pm: 3 glasses of green tea
7 pm: workout (16  one -min exercises for at 70/80 percent intensity interspersed with  one min core exercises)
930pm(after reception): 2 small dosa (roti was made of maida),
south indian sabzi, paneer palak , curd rice and 1 cup vanilla ice cream (skipped the gulab jamun)20121122_215154

Lessons Learnt

1. Don’t take food on the plate that you don’t plan on eating or trying to resist. (In my case, I ended up eating the Kesri sweet which I didn’t feel like eating at that time anyway)

2. You can workout ANYWHERE if you have the will. Even in a hotel room!
3. I would always choose unrefined flour. I chose dosa over maida roti.
4. It is healthy to choose combo foods that are assimilated the best way in the body. For example daal rice.

At the end of the day, it turned out to be a Big Healthy, Happy South Indian Wedding!!


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