Big Healthy South Indian Wedding- 1

First day was travel and a function immediately after so there was no appropriate time to exercise. Simply coz when there was some break, it was after a meal. My meals were:

815 am: scrambled eggs, two phulkas instead of bread.
11 am: one apple and 6 almonds.
1 pm: lunch one cup deal, one cup curd, 4 table spoonful curdrice, raita , kuttu, bhindi . Cabbage thoran .
5 pm: 2 plates of sukha bhel (substituted potato with tomatoes) and herbal chai.
7 pm to 9 pm:  300ml wine .
930 pm: some salad. No cheating.

20121121_174628 20121121_215050


1. Carry food on flight.
2. Can’t exercise, ? Try to Eat right. …just cause you are at a wedding doesn’t mean u cheat all out. For eg: I had wine…so no sweets.

3.  When you go out, decide beforehand that one thing you will be having.  Everything else is not permitted.

Why? This is completely a matter of self-discipline.  World is not going to end if u cheat a lot or little one day …but what may happen is that u lose control and let go. Next thing  u know u have over eaten at every function in the wedding season and your clean eating has gone for a toss. U start from scratch. Your confidence in your own will power vanes and your motivation substantially reduces because of the sheer psychological exhaustion of starting all over again.

4. Always one can have healthier versions of junk food.

Read how I managed to give myself a great workout in a space of approx ONLY 20 sq.ft. ! in the Part 2 of this post


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