Kinetic Confessions

When 3 holidays get combined together, courtesy wedding and vacation season, usually i would jump in excitement. But when that precedes a work project for which, I need to maintain, if not, increase my fitness levels, vacation can be tricky…not an absolute ‘treat’ for sure 🙂 😉 Pun intended.for the main collage1

First I was little worried. I eat healthy, alright. But then I am not likely to pass of a delectable dish of a traditional

cuisine because of calories. But then I took this trip as an opportunity to experiment as well as test myself. The raison d’etre of Kinetic Living is to initiate MYSELF and OTHERS in an active lifestyle to be led in an energetic body. Kinetic Living aims to engage and then encourage people to use exercise not as THE end but as a MEANS to an end…with health awareness and happiness.


Through self-experiment, I wanted to communicate that WE can be active, eat healthy at any time if there is a willingness…REGARDLESS of travel or a hotel room to workout in or have wedding food as the menu. That it is DO-ABLE REGARDLESS of being a ‘professional’ or not …

This post is the first in the series…next one is…Big Healthy South Indian Wedding-1 and 2


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