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The team is you and I.

About me: 

With a background in sports, martial arts, dance and most importantly, a broad range of fitness disciplines, my approach to exercise is through quality of movement for the intended benefits rather than counting the calories that are burnt. Kinetic Living aims to change the way we think about fitness….to know what it is to be fit from within without compromising on fun as well as form.

 Sports, Fitness & Martial Art

At the age of 13, my craze for fitness started with Basketball which I would continue for more than 6 years, representing colleges in India and abroad. Kick Boxing helped me to elevate my strength, stamina, breath and body awareness and agility to the next level.

I have more than 5 years of regular weight and cardio format of workouts, but today, I enjoy weight and resistance training only through functional training. I do not lift weights more than 4 days in a week, which also includes Kettlebell training.

In 2009, I started training in Kalaripayattu (under my Guru, Daksha Sheth) and still include it as part of my training. Kalaripayattu builds rock solid lower body and core strength, stamina and awareness. It is one of my favourite disciplines to practice.

In 2009, I started training in Yoga, first with actress and danseuse, Isha Sharvani and then since 2013, under Deepika Mehta. It has helped me take my flexibility to the next level and tackle years of tightness in the upper back, shoulders and hips.

In 2010, I was introduced to Pilates by a South African choreographer called, Marie Louise and today I am certified Pilates (STOTT Pilates) teacher for MAT work, along with CORE Athletic conditioning. Whatever you do, Pilates help you do better and this is 100% true. It has spectacular cross-over benefits and I personally have seen improvement in my running form, muscular connections , Jump-through movements in Yoga, as well as my waistline. I am a fan!


I pursued dance along side Basketball and Athletics, at various inter-collegiate events and then as a student at a famous Institute of Performing Arts for a year. I took it to the next level when I joined the Daksha Sheth Dance Company as a full-time dancer / performer for 2 and half years where performed extensively with the company in India and abroad. Currently, I perform with company on project-basis from time to time, performances at Alchemy Art Festival, UK and 10th China Art Festival being the recent ones in 2013.

As with my clients, I,too follow a integrated approach to my fitness and put equal emphasis on the above disciplines to primarily always stay out of comfort zone while training. It keeps my body confused and on its toes, boosts my energy levels and infuses my vitals with vitality!In training, no day is the same!

A year of HIIT, Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates and Body and breath awareness techniques i.e. Kinetic Living training and I am seeing impressive results on my stress test, Lung Function, sugar levels and my blood pressure certifies I am an athlete, not only by mind but also and by body! In 2009, I was diagnosed with severe PCOD which is non existent now.

My clients are seeing some great results too! Stay tuned for more case studies.

I am a certified teacher in
1. Stott Pilates (Intensive Mat work Plus). Check out my listing here
2. Athletic CORE Conditioning on the MAT
3. Athletic CORE Conditioning with Medicine Balls
4. Athletic CORE Conditioning with Tubing

5. EKFA (Energy Kettlebell Fitness Academy) Asia Kettlebell instructor Level-1 (2013)

6. EFKA Asia Kettlebell Instructor Level-2 (2014)

Completed ACSM certified workshops in

  • Functional Training & Trampoline
  • Kettle bell training
  • Marathon Training

Completed an intensive Yoga workshop for advanced practioners by Heather Elton (Adjustments for Life) focusing on combining Ashtanga and Iyengar style of teaching.

Other trainer workshops include integrated resistance, duo-conditioning, flow-yoga, working with stability balls.

We will work together as a team to get you fit from within and achieve specific goals. Tell me what are your goals?  Subscribe to the blog or lets connect on twitter or ‘like’ Kinetic Living on Facebook


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