Living the Kinetic Life

When it all started, I was just learning how to be agile, how to move and what to do? Gradually it made me active so that I could tackle laziness and that ‘slow-feeling’. As I practiced it more and more, it made me light on my feet, more alert. From movement, I have learnt what is pain. From its intensity, I have learnt what is catharsis. From its complexity, I have learnt awareness of body and breath. From its precision, I have learnt to be thorough. From its difficulty, I have learnt to fail. In its vastness, I have learn to drown my ego. From its flow, I have learnt acceptance over resistance. It made me sweat like a pig but what I would only realize much later, it was cleansing me from within…it still is. This is my version of being fit from within.

Since 1998, I have made a decent journey from Basketball to gym memberships, to Shiamak’s, to Kick Boxing, to running, to turning pro in 2009 in dance, to training in Kalari, to yoga (till 2008, I proclaimed myself to never be patient enough to learn yoga!),to begin Kinetic Living, to Pilates and the teacher training learning curve, to Calisthenics…
to an exploration of what optimum health means and break out of the ‘fitness’ box. What it means to not just train like athletes physically, but also have their spirit and heart. This is an on-going journey…I am learning to use my weakness to strengthen my discipline, I am learning to use my ignorance to drive me to more knowledge and less ego, I am learning to use exercise as a means to communicate with the body and understand its signals, I am learning to use the good pain to break the body-mind-barrier, I am learning to fail like a better failure so that there is a possibility where I will win like a better winner.
What I do? How I train? Why ? its from what I have learnt from what started in 1998. Roots of Kinetic Living lie in my life…my version of Kinetic Living. And that is what its about…to find your very OWN version of what Kinetic means in your life. Kinetic Living is to turn people into a fireball of energy who can maximise their physical, awareness and happiness quotients.


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