Fitter and Lighter with Kinetic Living &

Kinetic Living is back with another workshop on 19th July at the Tangerine Arts Studio in Bandra at 11 am.

Topics that will be covered are:
DON’T miss the beginning! you will know why.
Then we move on to :
1. Flexibility : We will start off with a flow of stretches to loosen the body.

2. Core Strength using body weight : indulge ourselves into a plank drill ranging from beginner to advanced modifications.

3. Balance: Having warmed up the core, we will test with some exercises and movements that will test our balance.

Balance and Core strength go hand in hand. A good balance can make core activation easy and a strong core can drastically improve balance. If you have both, you will learn how you can interconnect the two during exercises or movement.

Suitable for fitness enthusiasts, athletes and even dancers.


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