Wear your story

Why do we call our habits, habits? Because they have become second nature to us. Good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, boring or interesting…all these adjectives have very little influence on how long-lasting the habits are.

We are not unfamiliar with stories where people with health  / weight / mental issues have taken up exercise and then, have become completely dedicated to it. Exercise IS addictive and science has proven it why. (google, endorphin release in exercise). These people have managed to change or inculcate certain new habits…managed to surpass that initial inertia with considerable will power.

In other words, they have ‘practiced’ their new habits long enough (minimum 21 days) and well enough till those habits became second nature. The process may have felt more like a ‘task’ before but once they ‘experienced’ the benefits – more mental than physical, exercise became a part of their being, even more than ‘second nature’.

When we start off, exercise and integrated fitness may be like how we treat a stop watch, where we start and stop frequently or at our mood’s disposal. But gradually, the aim is to give it the status of a clock…where the hands move slow but continuously. On the surface, the clock gives us time, (exercise adds life) but metaphorically, the clock gives our time, structure and context. (The ways exercise can enhance quality of life can be a topic of another post altogether)…to move towards a more kinetic way of life.

There are many people who can relate to me when I say I need my exercise routine regularly. I crave for it, I give it my best because I enjoy it and that is why, every time, I get better at it. But I am not only aiming for perfection. I am in it for the experience… not just for perfection. Who wants to be perfect anyway? However close you think u get, perfection will elude u …ride on. Live long. Live the Kinetic Life.

This jersey comes closest to summing up what Kinetic Living means to me…not just the statement on the jersey but HOW one arrives at this thought is equally important too, if not more. This is my attitude towards health, fitness, movement and life in a big way. I wear this story. What’ your story?


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