Let’s get to the ‘core’ of your fitness

Everyone is talking about it. From your gym buddies to your trainer, the magazines, the celebrities, the health conscious neighbour, your doctor / physiotherapist …are all talking about strengthening the core. What are the actual muscles that constitute the core is a subject matter of another post. Right now, let’s just say that it is your trunk, the torso. Just as the trunk and roots of a tree are its foundation, the core is the power house of the body. It supports the spine in more ways than one and strengthening it is of prime importance if one wants to become ‘fit from within’.

On the lighter side, I have put together a small list of what it really means to have a strong core ie the real life benefits of building a strong core

Your lower back does not pain at the end of the day

you look taller

you walk better

you run faster

Since it is the powerhouse, a strong core also means more stamina and energy throughout  the day

Your tummy becomes flatter without you changing anything about your food

Your exercise and form improves drastically

You smash your ab workout to the core! and your gym buddies think that is so cool!


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