What is Kinetic Living?


Your fitness and health goals took off in Jan / Feb this year and the momentum is building. Don’t slow down just yet. In fact, you gotta march to the end the quarter of the year with a bang. Finish strong with the unique  MARCH ON GAME ON challenge for a STRONGER AND LEANER CORE .

Not in Mumbai? no Problem!!


Call us on 9821981258 or write to us at mykineticlife@gmail.com for details

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KINETIC LIVING is all about being fit from within.
First step is to maximize one’s OWN fitness quotient through Kinetix workouts, without compromising fun and form.
The perspective is that exercise is not about calories spent but about quality of movement and its benefit.

Second step is to gradually, maximize one’s OWN awareness quotient as the physical benefits deepen to nurture the mind.

Kinetic Living is to take action with an energized state of being, to do things that make us feel alive and keep us healthier happier people.

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